Step 3. Setting up the numbers of a company and SIM-cards

The final step of a basic setup is to configure the phone numbers.

You may find the advantages of SIM-cards connecting in this article.

In the Numbers section all MegaFon numbers connected to the PBX are displayed. You may connect an unlimited number of SIM-cards to the VPBX.

Here you see all MegaFon SIM cards connected to the VPBX. Connect all your numbers using the Добавить SIM-карту button. You may read the instructions for adding SIM-cards. Entering the SIM card settings, you may configure it in two modes.

A personal employee's number. All the calls received by this number are recorded for a particular employee. This employee may also answer the calls on a desk phone or a softphone.

A company's general number. If you have a company's general number, you may switch on more options than you could using a personal number. For example, adding a voice greeting, setting up time of work, choosing the mechanism for addressing incoming calls to departments and employees. In this mode, the phone number becomes virtual and stops working on the SIM card, so it can be pulled out of the phone.

A general number of the company is multichannel, with flexible settings: a schedule, a voice greeting, a flexible distribution of calls between employees. Since a number becomes corporate, the SIM card stops working (you may pull it out of the phone), so you distribute calls from this number to employees.

Click on the number to see the options.

The number can work day and night or on a schedule. In a Scheduled regime you may set up routes for receiving calls during working hours and off the clock. The schedule is available for every general number of the company.

Working hours

The call may be received by a department, an employee or an interactive voice response. Choose the way you want to handle the call. Most companies receive calls to the Sales Department, which has several employees who answer calls.

You may switch on a voice greeting. Clients will hear the greeting when they call the company. You may record a greeting yourself or with the help of a professional announcer and then upload it to the interface. You may find the requirements for a message file here.

Off the clock

You may offer clients to leave a voice message. This call will be sent to your e-mail and will be displayed in the History section, so you will be able to call the client back. This message may contain the information on your unavailability. Clients may also try to contact the duty officer if they call off the clock

Note that a SIM-card in the «General numbers of the company» mode becomes virtual and manages calls to other departments and employees. This SIM-card will not receive calls, so you may pull it out of the phone.

You have completed the basic configuration of the PBX. Now your employees are able to receive the calls from your clients to your mobile phones, you may also connect desk phones and softfone, track history and statistics, configure the PBX and integrate it with CRM more flexibly.