Recommendations on creating of a new employee file

These recommendations reffer to the article Employees.

  • It is strongly recommended to create a complicated password and use a different password for each employee. This should be done to avoid hacking.
  • Employees may use created login and password to log in the PBX and to connect to a desk phone or a softfone.
  • Save your login and password in a secure location. If your system administrator sets up a desk phone or a softphone, give him the login and password.

  • There are three types of access level in service:
    • An Administrator which has a full access to PBX including settings.
    • A User that is able to see the history, notes and statistics of a company but is not able to change settings.
    • A limited User that is only able to see own calls and is able to set up a redirection in «Profile» section.
  • An extension (or short number) is created automatically but you may change it to any other vacant number.

  • An employee is able to receive calls with a desk-phone (or a communicator) or a mobile phone. There are two ways to receive a call by a mobile phone: using a corporate «MegaFon» SIM-card or using a personal «MegaFon» SIM-card. Please, study the difference in this article.
  • Choose the option «Connect a new SIM-card» in the «Corporate MegaFon SIM-card» field. Type your MegaFon number in the opened window (see below «Corporate SIM-card»).
  • You may also set up a readdress for any other phone number. Pay attention that readdressed calls to a corporate SIM-card are free, but readdressed calls to a personal SIM-card demand payment according to the tarrifs.

Corporate SIM-card

Press «Подключить новую SIM…» button to connect a corporate SIM-card.

Fill in the number press the «Подключить SIM-карту» button:

If a PBX number (is shown in «Settings» - «Tariff») has a coordinator of a business account rights, the number will be added automatically. Otherwise, you will have to confirm the access by SMS.

The number will be shown in the employee's profile. You will be able to control all the connected numbers.

Have you set up all the employees? Then go to the departments settings.