A softphone (VoIP, communicator) is a computer program that can either replace or work simultaneously with your desktop and mobile phones. You may communicate through a softphone, even if your SIM card is turned off. You will need a headset to work with a softphone. For a PBX a softphone call and a desk phone call are the same.

Calls through a softphone are similar to calls via Skype / Viber / Whatsapp - they need the Internet. Select an application that works with your computer's or smartphone's operating system and connect a headset.

iPhone/iPad Bria (demands purchase)
Windows Phone Zoiper

Pay attention to the following information. The application «Emotion» from MegaFon can not work simultaneously with PBX. If you use the «Emotion» application and the PBX simultaneously, these services may have conflicts. If you need a softphone on your phone or tablet, use the applications listed above.

The quality of mobile Internet

Install apps on your mobile device in order to:

  • Get the opportunity to make and receive calls at low prices, even being in another country (out of the roaming). Just make a call through a good Wi-Fi or mobile Internet;
  • Receive calls to your phone number, even if the SIM-card is out of service of the network. You may simply install the application and receive calls in any part of the world via the Internet;
  • Record all outgoing and incoming calls from the application (with the option to record calls);
  • Get calls from your colleagues or transfer a call to your extension number;

Please, note that calls from the application are made via the Internet, so it's important to have a good quality of the Internet connection (3G / 4G / Wi-Fi). Internet traffic is paid in accordance with the tariffs of your operator: Wi-Fi is usually free, MegaFon SIM card will take MegaFon tariffs, the SIM card of another operator takes the tariffs of this operator.

Network configuration requirements

It is necessary to provide traffic exchange for the subnet, and also allow TCP ports (5060, 11024) and UDP (5060, 10000-65535).

In your router's settings, the SIP ALG option should be switched off.

One simultaneous conversation demands a dedicated channel of at least 100 Kbits. It is recommended to set QoS for softphone traffic on the router, otherwise, you may have impediments while loading your office's channel.