SMS business card

SMS-card is available when you activate the «Analytics» package. You may try the service for free during the demo period.

An SMS business card is an effective tool to increase the loyalty of your customers. This service may be realized in two models for using this service:

  1. SMS with additional or contact information. Clients will receive it immediately after their first call to the company;
  2. Apologies for the missed call.

A client called your company. It will be great if the client automatically receives an SMS with contacts of your company and manager!

To set up a card, go to «Settings» → «More» → «SMS-card».

Write the text of a welcome SMS. This SMS may contain information about a contact employee (contacts are taken from this section). You may also set a period. This means that after a certain period a client becomes new, so he will receive an SMS-business cars after a call.

A client called you, but all your managers were busy and were not able to answer the call? Send an SMS apology to the client and ask him to wait for a return call. Show interest, do not let him go to your competitors. You may add an offer for an additional discount or promotional code to the SMS-apology. This will help you keep the client waiting for your manager's call.

You may not just send an apology to a client but also notify your employees about the missed call

What name will client see?

Your clients will receive SMS-cards from the name «spasibo_vam».

The recommendations for the message length

The maximum length of text SMS-business card is 700 characters. But we recommend to use less than 402 characters. We recommend to use only 402 characters because some phones cannot display more.