Connecting the numbers of other operators

I have a landline phone of another operator. Is it possible to use this number in MegaFon PBX?

Of course! If your customers call your old number, calls can be addressed to MegaFon PBX. Earlier you were to pay for the redirection, but now it is not necessary.

You may easiliy transfer mobile numbers to MegaFon.

If you have a landline phone or a 8-800 number from another operator, you may still connect it to MegaFon VPBX using a SIP technology. The advantages of this connection are:

  • You save your phone number, which is used in advertising;
  • You will not be charged for the redirecting to MegaFon PBX;
  • In the history of calls, you will see that calls have come exactly to the old number, such calls can be recorded;
  • A call redirect from your old number to the mobile phones connected to the PBX is also free.

Do not overestimate the old numbers. In most cases, clients do not remember the exact number of a company. They go to the site to see it, so they quickly get used to a new number.

May I transfer my old number to MegaFon?

You may transfer only mobile numbers to the service in MegaFon. Landline phones and numbers 8-800 cannot be transferred to another operator in Russia. Therefore, in any case, you will continue to pay for servicing the old number to your old operator.

We recommend you to purchase a new landline phone or number 8-800 in MegaFon. You may start advertising a new number and your customers will forget the old one. Thus, you will pay only to MegaFon. In this case, MegaFon will be fully responsibile for the work of all the services you have. If you transfer all the numbers to the PBX, you will not have difficulties when your company moves to another place. The numbers will remain in your PBX if you move to any other place, even abroad.

How much does it cost to connect external SIP numbers?

The service is included in the «Analytics» option.

How to connect an external SIP number?

1. Activate the «Analytics» option in the «Tariff» section.

2. Go to the «More» section - scroll to «Other operators' numbers»

If your operator gave you a SIP login, a password and a server address, select «SIP registration». If your operator did not give you such information but may forward calls to the SIP URI , select «Forwarding the number to the SIP address». If your operator does not support SIP, see the information below.

Экран внешних SIP-номеров

2.1. «SIP-registration». When you enter the section, click «Add» («добавить»).

Без номеров

In the pop-up window, enter all the parameters of your operator.

Вводим данные регистрации

Click «Save» («Сохранить»). You will see that the system is registering.


If the data is entered incorrectly, you will see a registration error note. In this case you will have to reconfigure it. If everything is correct, you will see a message showing that your registration is successfully finished.

Регистрация успешна

You will see a note «Your operator has to work in E.164 format» in the settings. This note contains technical information. Usually you do not need to make any changes. If your carrier does not work according to the E.164 standard, you may set up the conversion.

2.2. «Forwarding a number to a SIP address.» Click «Add» («Добавить») after signing in.

Enter the phone number and copy the SIP URI.


Save the settings. The number will also appear in the «Numbers» section.

Direct the readdressing of all calls to the receiving SIP URI. You may do this in the settings of your operator's number. As a part of this redirection, the VPBX cannot tell you whether the redirect is successfully configured, unlike the SIP registration.

2.3. If your operator does not give a SIP number and does not allow a redirection to the SIP URI, you may install a special softphone gateway. It will allow you to get a SIP number and register it in MegaFon VPBX.

3. Done! The number will appear in the «Numbers» section and you may set the call receiving mechanism.

All calls to this number will be recorded in the call history. You will be able to listen to the records.

What are the difficulties?

  • Only your operator is responsible for the quality of work of the third-party numbers. Sometimes operators do not provide the necessary quality of communication. So you may miss the call and clients will fail to get through. We are not responsible for the cut offs of other operators. So we recommend you to purchase a new number in MegaFon.
  • This will only work for receiving calls. You are not able to call from MegaFon PBX from your old number. Only MegaFon numbers will be shown. Therefore, we recommend you to replace your old number with a new one from MegaFon.