The difference between a corporate and a personal SIM-cards

«A personal SIM-card». You may readdress calls to this number from the «Employees» section. If an employee receives a call, it may be readdressed to any other number. This may be either a mobile or a landline phone.

«Corporate SIM-card». This is a MegaFon SIM-card that is connected to the PBX. You may connect it using either the «Numbers» or the «Employees» section. The list of all the connected SIM-cards is avaliable in the «Numbers» section.

Corporate SIM-card has some advantages:

  • A redirection to these numbers is free. If you want to readdress a call to a personal SIM-card, the redirection will demand payment according to the Multifon tariffs.
  • Calls to this SIM-card will be shown in the «History» section. These calls may be recorded. You will be able to control both your company's and employee's work SIM-cards.
  • You may turn the number of the SIM-card in the company's number. In this case, you will not be able to get calls to the SIM-card. These calls will be addressed to the PBX. You may choose the way of processing a call: an audio greeting may be switched on or calls may be distributed, etc.
  • This function may not be avaliable somewhere. You may switch it on with the help of a corporate client service in your city. You should fill in an application in your own form using an official letterhead of the organization. You may also write to your personal Megafon manager, if you have one. Outgoing calls from the corporate SIM-card are fixed in statistics and sent to your CRM. There are two restrictions. 1. An outgoing call will be tarifficated twice, i. e. according to both the Multifon-business tariff (SIP) and the SIM-card tariff (GSM). 2. You will not be able to delete numbers from PBX without an agreement from your manager or a corporate department employee. If you delete a number yourself (without informing your manager or a MegaFon corporate department employee), this number will not be able to make outgoing calls.

We recommend using corporate MegaFon SIM-cards added to a PBX. This option will let you avoid the redirect payment. It will allow you to control your employees. If you use another operator's SIM-card, you may transfer it to MegaFon and add to a PBX.

Incompability wiht other services

If you connect a SIM-card to a PBX you may have conflicts using the following services:

  • «Who called +», «I was called S», «I am online», «DISCONNECT Always online». If you do not answer a client's call or if you are out of range, the client will not hear this information. It is made to set up a distribution «To all at once» or «On an increase» within a department. According to such distribution, if any of the employees is out of range or is busy, the answer will be translated to a client. The call will not go to the other employees.
  • We recommend to set up a «No Response Action» in departments to inform the employees about your inavaliability.
  • «Replace a dial tone» and «Replace a dial tone for a corporative one». If clients call you on a SIM-card that is added to the MegaFon VPBX, they will not hear the settings of «Replace a dial tone».
  • PBX does not work with «eMotion» application. Use other softphone.
  • There should be no installed redirections out of the VPBX interface. This should be done to avoid conflicts between the PBX numbers.