Missed calls notifications (by SMS, e-mail or Telegram)

The option «Missed calls notifications» is available when you activate the «Analytics» package. You may try the service for free if you enable the demo period

Customize the missed calls notification to numbers of the company. You will not lose any clients if you activate this option. Notifications will work for both general numbers of the company, and for personal employees' SIM-cards. Soon it will be available for General numbers of a company only.

The function is created for sales departments employees and their managers, who want to get the information about missed calls from clients as soon as possible, and quickly call back.

Notifications may come:

  • by e-mail;
  • by SMS;
  • in the client for instant messages - Telegram.

You may nominate concrete employees to receive notifications. To configure notifications by e-mail and SMS, it is enough to define an employee (whose phone number and/or e-mail address will be indicated in the profile) or to define just a phone/e-mail.

To configure notifications in the Telegram, you are to define an employee who will receive notifications. There is a special link for each employee. This link may be sent via mail or SMS. The employee is to click on the link and run the information bot of the Virtual MTS.

This is how the PBX bot looks in Telegram (with the examples of notifications):