History and calls recording

PBX will help you monitor the work of your employees. The history of calls is one of the most important sections of the PBX. All the calls of your employees are displayed here. Here you can:

  • filter calls for any period (customers, employees, types of calls);
  • see the basic statistics given by filters;
  • see the calls of all the employees of the company;
  • see your own calls;
  • listen to all conversations and download them to your computer;
  • get the detail information of calls;
  • upload the call history to Excel to build individual reports.

All calls are recorded and displayed in the history of calls, except for outgoing calls from own SIM-cards.

You may see the call history of a specific manager for the selected period.

In this example, we see that the employee Alexei Belyakov made 86 outgoing calls for the current week. There were 12 incoming calls and 4 of them were unanswered. Every successful call may be listened to. You may select only missed calls. Using this method you may evaluate the performance of your employees.

Click on the client's number to get all the information about his calls with your managers for the selected period, both incoming and outgoing.

You may download records of conversations in order to save them for a longer period. The given by PBX period of storage is one year from the moment of creation of a file. You may also upload the records to your systems (for example, CRM). You may use any FTP-client to do this. We recommend to use a passive transmission mode and increasing the timeout for waiting for the server to respond to a maximum (or just disable it) in the settings of the FTP client. Any user that have an «Administrator» may have an access to the authorization data.

Access settings:

  • A Server Address: records.megapbx.ru
  • A Login: username@company.megapbx.ru, i.e. full login of any user of the PBX with administrator rights, for example aleksej@company.megapbx.ru
  • A Password.

Example of setting in FileZilla:

The files are located in the «recordings» folder and are grouped by date in the following format: YYYY-MM-DD:

When you go to the folder, you see the names like anna_out_2016_10_10-12_49_26_79260024015.mp3, where:

  • anna - the name of the employee handling the call
  • out - indication of the type of call (out - outgoing, in - incoming)
  • 2016_10_10-12_49_26 - date and time
  • 79260024015 - customer's phone number.

For example, a client called you. During the conversation you may record the call and then send it to your e-mail. To do this, press 4 during a call. After you hear the tone, the recording will start. At the end of the conversation, the recording file will be sent to you by e-mail, which you specified during creating the employee.