Audio conferences (conference call)

This tool is convenient to hold a collective discussion. With MegaFon PBX you may add an unlimited number of participants to the audio conference mode.

You may gather the conference either using a desk phone or a softphone.

A desk phone conference call

To add all the participants to a conference:

  • Call the first participant and transfer them to your own conference room number - * 61. The participant will be added to a conference room, and the conversation with you will be interrupted.
  • Do this with each participant: call them and transfer to * 61.
  • Once you move all the participants to the conference room, call * 61 yourself and you will enter the conference room.

After an audio conference, dial * 65* to close the conference room and disconnect all participants.

A communicator MegaFon conference call

Click the «Conference» button on your device.

You may select future participants in the opened window. You may also invite clients by entering their numbers in the box (lower left corner). Pay attention to «Participate as listeners» section. Here you may add participants who will only be able to listen but not to speak. It's convenient when you have, for example, training. You are able to allow or disallow the participants speak during the conference. Click «Start».

The conference call begins. You see people who joined or did not join the conference. You may specify whether any of them may talk during a conference. If you want to invite someone else during the conversation, press «Invite» and dial the number of a person.

You may end the conference in two ways:

  • An item on the list «Exit» - One person is disconnected from the conference, other participants continue to communicate.
  • «Disconnect all and exit» - all participants are disconnected from the conference, including you.