Switching between devices

Sometimes during a conversation on a desk phone, you have to leave the office. In such cases, you have to offer a client to interrupt the conversation and call them back from the mobile.

But now you may switch the call to another device without interrupting the conversation. The client will not even notice it.

Pay attention that Call Switch lets you switch calls only between your own devices. You may switch it to a mobile phone, a desk phone or a softphone. If you want to switch a call to another employee, use a Transfer Call function.

During a call, press the asterisk (*). The system will start calling other connected devices. Note that the conversation will continue without an interruption. Then receive the call on any convenient device and hang up the previous one. Using another device you may continue the talk. The client will not notice the switch.

You need to have at least 2 connected to the PBX devices to use a Call Switch. If you connect multiple devices (corporate SIM card, forwarding to your personal mobile phone, SIP phone, softphone), the call will be readdressed to all the connected devices after clicking on *.