Changing numbers for outgoing calls

The company may have several telephone numbers. The employees, departments and regional offices may call from different numbers. Management of numbers for outgoing calls is available in Settings → More → Outgoing numbers.

Outgoing numbers may be managed in 3 settings:

  • The main number of the company. This number is shown to everyone receiving a call from your employees.
  • Personal outgoing numbers. You may assign personal numbers to certain employees, departments or offices. For example, every department (the VIP-department, customers department, sales department, departments in different cities) has its own number. They make calls from these numbers.
  • Regional outgoing numbers. They are useful for advertising companies as well. For example, you want to create a presence in your region for clients. It is not necessary to have an office in this region. When you click the «Add» button, the system will automatically find all your regional numbers and substitute them. You may change these settings yourself.

Note that these settings work only for a call from SIP devices (from a softphone or a desk phone). When you call from mobile phones, mobile numbers of the SIM card are always shown.

If you purchased the service «Additional landline phone number» or «Free number 8-800», you may substitute it as an outgoing number. To do this, contact the office of a corporate customer service in your city. Write a statement on the official letterhead of your organization or write a letter to your personal MegaFon manager with the following content:

«Здравствуйте! Мы являемся клиентами ВАТС, адрес нашей ВАТС (ИНН компании). Для SIM-карты с номером +7 (9xx)-xxx-xx-xx мы приобрели городской номер +7 (xxx) xxx-xx-xx и просим подставлять его при исходящих звонках».

«Hello! We are customers of VBPX, the address of our VPBX (TIN). For the SIM card with the number +7(9xx) -xxx-xx-xx we purchased the landline phone number +7 (xxx) xxx-xx-xx and ask to substitute it for outgoing calls.»

Replace the data in bold with your own. Your application will be processed within 1-5 working days.